ERG Property Management is always looking to expand our network of qualified vendors.
As an approved vendor with ERGPM, you will enjoy the benefits of steady work and timely payment for your services.

Here is a schedule of the skillsets we need:

Appliance Repair Carpentry Cleaning-Make Ready
Dry Wall Electrical Fencing
Flooring Foundation General
HVAC Locksmith-ReKey Masonry-Rock Work
Moving & Storage Painting Paving
Pest Control Plumbing Pool Maintenance
Refinishing Roofing Septic Systems
Sheet Metal Sprinkler System-Irrigation Window Repair-Replacement
Yard Maint-Landscaping    

Vendor Policies:

Work Order Approval Policy:
As a property management company, we are limited in our authority to approve work orders.
In most cases, we are limited to pre-approve charges up to $250.00.
Charges above $250.00 require Owner approval.
If you are offered a work order and you feel you can complete the work within our approval limitations,
the approval can be assumed as long as you acknowledge via responding email that you accept the work order.
Provide a written quotation (email is fine) if you anticipate charges will exceed our approval limitations.
We will submit your quotation to the Owner for approval.
Work Order Assignment Policy:
It is important you “Confirm” receipt of any Work Order/Request For Quotation (RFQ)within 24 hours.
Work Orders not confirmed within 24 hours are subject to reassignment.
Provide estimated Start Date and Completion Date upon acceptance of a Work Order.
Provide warranty information on your quotation or invoice.
Reference Work Order Number in all correspondence and invoicing.
Work Order Job Description governs the scope of work in the event any written proposal differs in language.
Whenever possible and practical, take before and after pics of your work.
Tenant Occupied Unit Work Order Policy:
All Work Orders requiring access to occupied units are to be assigned only to workmen who have undergone
national criminal background screening and found to be clear or cleared of any felony or Class B
or higher misdemeanor for ten years or more.
Policy Concerning Vendor Advances:
It is the policy of ERG Property Management to foster long-term positive working relationships with its Vendor Network.
That stated, it is necessary to move toward that goal in a progressive, fair and orderly process that balances
the needs of the Vendor with the needs of the Property Owners to whom we are responsible.

Vendor requests for funds in advance of Work Order completion are treated in the following manner:
Advances are limited to a maximum of 25% of the approved Work Order cost for labor, materials,
taxes and any other fees attached to the Work Order OR 25% of any previously completed
Vendor Work Order WHICHEVER is the lessor. 
Example: A Vendor who has previously completed a
$2,500.00 Work Order would be qualified to receive up to $625.00 in advance on a work order at
or greater than $2,500.00. If the Vendor accepted the $625.00 and completed a $4,500.00 work order,
the Vendor would be able to draw up the $1,125 on future Work Orders greater than $4,500.
Obviously, any smaller Work Orders would be limited to the 25% cap.