Pay $2.00 Showing Fee Here:

Notice To Showing Requestors: By payment of your Showing Fee, you acknowledge you are being provided unescorted access to a private home managed by our company.

  • You are responsible for securing the home once you have completed the tour.
  • You are responsible for returning the key to the lockbox.
  • You are responsible for any damage to or soiling of the home.

The access code you will be provided is automatically recorded when used. Additional fees will be charged against your credit card if any of the above issues are the result of your visit.

  • Failure to return the key to the lockbox: $250.00.
  • Failure to secure the property: $125.00.
  • Soiling, damaging or theft: $125.00 plus 125% of our cost to clean, repair or replace. 

Be sure to text your name and desired showing date to 210-907-3550