How to schedule a showing on one of our properties:
 Self Showing  Agent Showing

SELF-SHOWING SYSTEM: A valid credit card is required and you will be charged a nominal fee ($2.00) for the showing access code we will provide.
Upon receipt of your payment, a showing code will be texted to your cell phone. You may use that code to access the property.

  1. Select: SHOWING ONLY (on the left menu bar).
  2. Pay $2.00 Showing Fee.
  3. Send a text message to:
    210-907-3550 with the following:
  • Your Name (must match card used to pay the fee).
  • Desired Showing Date.
  • Address of the Property you want to tour. 

To schedule an agent escorted showing contact any Texas licensed real estate agent (the agent must have an active membership in the San Antonio Board of Realtors).