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Considering hiring a professional to manage the leasing of your property?

Most Common Reason:

  • Prior disappointment at self-management or another property management firm.
  • Home not selling.
  • Relocation but plan to return in the future. 

Why owners trust ERG Property Management with their properties:

  • Cost-Effective Pricing - A Straightforward Fee Structure with No Hidden Charges
  • Local Experience - Expertise on area rental rates, proper licensing and insurance
  • Shorter Vacancies - a comprehensive marketing and leasing strategy to rent faster
  • Aggresive Tenant Screening - includes criminal, credit, income and employment checks
  • Centralized Accounting - for property portfolios large and small
  • Periodic Property Inspections - both inside and out to assess property condition
  • 24/7 Maintenance & Emergency Services - to limit expenses, turn-over and liability
  • Impeccable Ethics & Integrity
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