Preferred Application Fee Payment Method is PayPal

See Below For Alternative Application Fee Methods 

Fee Schedule

Application fees received after hours, on weekends or during holidays will be promptly processed in the order in which they were received on the following business day.

ERG Property Management does not retain application fees received after an applicant has been approved.

Once  the approved applicant has tendered the security deposit, we will process refunds of any application fees received and not processed (less a $5.00 credit card processing fee we are charged). 

Paying Your Application Fee at SSFCU (Security Service Federal Credit Union) 

Any SSFCU banking institution can accept your Application Fee, HOWEVER, if you wish to use this payment method you must follow these instructions:

1. The SSFCU Rent Account Number: 5562993073 (the "73" is very important). 
2. Retain a receipt from the SSFCU Teller.
3. Text an image of the receipt to 210-907-3550.
4. You MUST include your name and address in the text message.
5. You will receive an acknowledgment from ERGPM.

If you do not receive the acknowledgment, call 210-907-3550 for verbal confirmation.

IMPORTANT POLICY: This payment method requires us to manually process your payment. As an Applicant or new Tenant, you will not be charged any additional fee for using this payment method. Once your Tenant Portal has been opened, the preferred method of rent payment is your Tenant Portal.